The issue of fast food has become something global, it is something daily that as more and more societies are developing, they are giving rise to this type of services whose purpose is to feed those people who do not have time to cook something. in your home or go to eat this for the short time of lunch at work or distances to travel, as it is most likely that if you work in Paris at your lunchtime you go to a park where you can find food trucks or just go to a cafe for a quick lunch.

The idea of fast food, in essence, is that, look for food, easy and fast to take or eat in the place, something that fills but is also delicious, that was the beginning of these fast food restaurants, which ironically They were developing and adapting to the times such that today we can find not only local established by the big fast food chains, but we have options to find various fast food trucks, these have had a great acceptance among the French. Usually, these trucks are located in parks, squares or central locations near where there is the trade. These food trucks have opened a space for people from different countries residing in France to have the opportunity to start a business preparing typical dishes from their countries which at the same time gives its customers a wide range of options from Chinese food, Turkish, Argentine, French etc. In short, a great variety of cultures innovating the recipes of their traditional foods. You can also find food for animals with your veterinary ( urgence veterinaire garde ) advises

In France in most of the big cities we can find these mobile restaurants, but if you do not worry they will always have the big fast food chains, whether you want a hamburger or a hot dog with French fries which you will find in almost all food establishments, never fail with less than 10 euros can give you a quick but juicy taste. Most people in France take care of themselves but when talking about food, it is not like a combination of a walk after a delicious dinner prepared at home or in a restaurant to take away and share with the family.

But France is not only fast food, mobile restaurants, the vast majority of French restaurants are very traditional with excellent French food menus as well as almost all the streets of Paris we can find the famous coffee shops, where for a few euros you can sit to enjoy a coffee or tea in conjunction with a good piece of freshly baked bread reading the newspaper or just enjoying the rhythm of the city watching people come and go. A very relevant fact is that these restaurants as well as the food trucks are very modernized and maintain social networks full of information, such as hours of attention, the different locations where they will be, it is important to emphasize that many of these trucks go from city in city not only in Paris and not always in the same place although there are places conditioned only for this type of food trucks. Health experts say that fast food is not very healthy because small amounts of food concentrate a lot of calories, that is, if they were eaten occasionally, they would not cause the health risk. Despite a few food trucks that are vegetarian food most of these usually sell very fatty and very high-calorie food too.

France is a tourist country, visited by thousands of people every year so many local entrepreneurs are prepared for the different high seasons of visits, where the national product is consumed the most, the French have tried to leave fast food behind, but as we mentioned before due to their hectic pace of life they become a little unpresentable as it were, but for tourists it is also good since it opens the options for them to fit their pockets and can try dishes of different flavors either in an elegant restaurant in Paris until a small bar in Nantes. Although street food can be a daily part of the French it is very rare to see as in other parts of the world streets full of street food or fast food places but it is not so common, if in the parks and squares the truck’s food are concurrent but they are not static, they arrive at lunchtimes and leave the works when more people are crowded together. But it is not uncommon to see a street full of trolleys selling sweets or in fact street vendors of junk food. Be aware that you should get an appointment with your dentist ( http://www.allo-dentiste.info ) when you eat junk food.

Whether you are local or foreign and you are visiting in France, we invite you to visit the different types of places offered by cities such as the main avenue of Paris, we invite you to try their dishes and if you are short of money you cannot worry what options you will have variety of price, it is always good before visiting a place to review the comments on their websites, assess and find the best place that suits your needs. You may taste flavors from different parts of the world in one place, whether you decide on a grilled or grilled beef steak or if you just want a salad you can find a variety of these since the menus of these trucks food try to balance their food and adjust to all kinds of customers, with all this said we invite you to come to France and try the food and its culture.

Food choice tips

Choose foods that are roasted instead of fried like grilled chicken sandwich instead of fried chicken or fried chicken nuggets

Eat salad or soup instead of French fries.

When you order a pizza add vegetables instead of meat and choose a crust or thin pizza base instead of one with thick edges. Choose water, skim milk or diet sodas instead of regular sodas, fruit drinks, smoothies or whole milk.